Clean it & Cover it!

Open wounds are a hazard to all. This includes skin, bone, nose, ears. Stop and/or cover all bleeding points. Change blood stained clothing. Dispose of blood stained clothing responsibly. If wounds are covered in soil or grass, wash with large amounts of clean water before covering. This will decrease the chance of the wound becoming infected.

Cover small wounds that are not actively bleeding with clean dry dressings. Wounds that are actively bleeding should be stopped by direct pressure through a clean dressing and then covered. If bleeding continues to soak through the dressings despite further attention, then the player should not continue to play.

Remember to wash excess blood aware from hair or clothing using clean water. Players who are heavily contaminated with blood must not return to play until the blood is removed/ clothing changed.


  • Wounds you cannot see the bottom of
  • Large wounds or wounds where the edges do not come closely together
  • Excessively painful wounds V what else is injured?
  • Wounds that will not stop bleeding

These are the wounds that need to be reviewed by an experienced medical practitioner.

First Aiders should protect themselves with gloves and clean dressings before touching a wound.

The IRB Rugby Ready is also a good resource for all and can be accessed via the following link: