Safety First! – (Taken from the HKRFU Website)

Rugby in Hong Kong is “A Game for All!”

The Hong Kong Rugby Union offers rugby opportunities for every age and skill level with an emphasis on safety first and foremost! Whilst everyone associated with Hong Kong Rugby wants the players to have fun, we do stress the need for safety in play and in equipment. All youth players MUST wear mouth guards to protect the teeth and, whilst optional, the use of IRB approved headgear and shoulder pads is recommended. All of these are easily available in Sports Shops.

The coaching of youth rugby also involves safety through well trained play. Teams at various age grades will adopt special rules as they progress in age and ability towards virtually full adult rules for their matches, but coaches and referees are empowered to change some areas of play (e.g. non-contest scrums) if they consider any danger of injury exists.

At all times, players are coached to a suitable standard for safe and enjoyable competition.

Our aim at Stingrays is to ensure the children enjoy their rugby in a safe environment.

The club has an assigned First Aid and Safety Officer. This representative works closely with the Union. We look to have coaches/parents join the First Aid courses that the Union runs. Should you be interested in joining one of these courses then please contact our First Aid and Saftey