December 2015

‘HKRU places player welfare above all else in our game. We are aware of the controversies regarding concussion in contact sports. In 2013 we set up a concussion working group comprising medical experts, coaches, referees and players. We are the first rugby union in the world to have introduced a comprehensive, union wide concussion policy including the mandatory removal of all potentially concussed players at all levels from mini rugby to the premiership. We run educational workshops for players, referees, coaches, parents and management staff and screen injured athletes through our medical program. We do not take concussion lightly and will continue to make decisions in response to the latest available evidence. We believe that decisions about concussion should be made on the basis of evidence not emotion and we will continue to strive to enhance the well-being of all the players who take part in our game.’

Information and resources are available at: and

Education is the way ahead with concussion. All players, coaches, referees and parents are encouraged to review the Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool.

Recognise and remove – look out for convulsive, headache, knocked out, nauseous, unsteady, confused dazed and/or dizzy to name but a few. If there is one or more visible clues of suspected concussion as documented on the Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool the player should be removed from the pitch and not allowed to return to the game.

Concussion ‘makes no sense’ – a concussed player may be confused and they are at increased risk of harm. Do not leave them alone. Do not let them drive.

Call an ambulance or at least insist on same-day medical review if you suspect concussion.

Don’t risk your brain to win a game, Concussion, no discussion, tough nuts walk off.

Complete the IRB concussion management on the IRB website